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QRC Karts by KAM Karting

KAM Karting Supply is an industry leader with a 20 year karting track record. Since becoming the first Authorized QRC Karts Dealer in the Texas back in 2004, we have built our reputation on Outlaw Dirt Karting and helped build the Brand to what it is today in North Texas and beyond.
Let our expertise, product knowledge and passion for racing help your team and driver build a solid foundation in karting to ensure a long and successful motorsports career.
We know the dream is real for many and our goal is to help you realize that dream of becoming a professional race car driver. It starts right here at KAM!

  We are the QRC Outlaw Kart Experts with over 10 years experience in Sales & Service as one of the oldest Authorized Dealers in the US.  But we don’t just sell them ~ QRC was the kart of choice for our own Family Race Team for 7 years.Kaley Engstrom in her QRC
Megan Engstrom in her QRC

Our young drivers are Heroes to us!  We are proud of all our KAM drivers, past and present and are grateful to have been chosen to partner with such an amazing racing community.
Thank you for your business!